Cliff Kucine
Project photography

Welcome to my website. I hope you have enjoyed the photographic images and come back to visit frequently.
Here is a brief message about my photography efforts.

I have not yet been to Mars but probably felt like it on some great photo jobs. I am dedicated, enthusiastic and creative.

Born on the East Coast, I traveled to Texas for a few years. Then set off for Brooks institute in Santa Barbara, CA. There I studied under some great photographers like Ralph Clevenger, Michael Verbois, Manny Maes, Bob Smith, Nick Decker and Ernest Brooks. I received high honors several times and completed my education with a Bachelors Degree.

After graduating I transplanted to NYC for the full experience – complete with zero budget. I worked for Pete Turner, Micky Kaufman, and many other great photographers. I have always been inspired by Joel Meyerowitz, Irving Penn and Jay Maisel.

I am currently working on annual report projects, corporate collateral and other assignments. Some of the companies I work for include Bell Atlantic, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Foundation for Blood Research, GTE, Maine Medical Center, INC, Network Computing, and NorthEast Bank.

I look forward to all my new adventures in photography.

Telephone: (207) 773-2568
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